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April 24th, 2009
12:41 pm
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   I liked having an open journal because I had no idea who I was writing too, and somehow that made it easier. I also liked the idea of people being able to wander through and check me out, hang out and comment whether they wanted to friend me or not. I liked that they had the option of getting to know me first. I liked being open to everyone. I still am, you just have to knock first before I let you in.

Comment if you'd like to be added. (And add me back when I do because I'm sensitive about rejection like that) 

I don't have a strict policy about not adding people who don't comment here first, but if you just add me out of the blue without commenting here first, at least send me a message saying who you are and why you added me. I'm not that secretive or paranoid. It's just hard for me to believe anyone would find me that interesting.

If I've dropped you from my friends list it's because you haven't updated your journal in a long time and I feel uncomfortable sharing intimate details from my life with someone whose not doing the same. If you are sincerely bothered by this comment and I'll add you back.

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